Grand Opening October 20, 2011
Dick"s Drive In in Edmonds smashes company records on opening weekend
New Dicks Drive-In beats burger record, has bun emergency
Dick's Drive-In breaks a record
Edmonds Dick"s Drive-In reports 'record-smashing' weekend
Dick's in Edmonds Breaks Its Records for Most Burgers Sold and Total Sales
Finally, Some (Dick's Deluxe) Good News!
Dick"s Drive-In — Here"s a look at how others saw it!
Dick's Drive-In grand opening: A Deluxe event
Dick's Drive-In Edmonds: the wait is over! Not.
PHOTOS: Dicks Drive-In opens in Edmonds
Dick"s Drive-In will open new restaurant this week
Dick's fans rejoice at grand opening in Edmonds
Scenes from Dick's Drive-In's Edmonds Opening
Burger mania hits as Edmonds welcomes new Dick's Drive-In
"We Want Dick's": Edmonds Welcomes a Puget Sound Icon With Open Wallets
Dick's: First in Line For the 13th Burger
New Dick's Drive-In opens in Edmonds Thursday
Edmonds Dick's Drive-In to launch with fanfare
Dick's Drive-In sets Edmonds opening for Thursday
Dick's Drive-In launches Wonka-like Orange Ticket contest
The history and legacy of Dick"s Drive-in
Dick"s Drive-In launches Wonka-esque ‘orange ticket" contest
Dick, I want the orange ticket and I want it NOW!
Dick"s launches "Orange Ticket" Contest for first to eat Edmonds burgers
Edmonds Construction
Dick Spady Pays a Visit to Dick's in Edmonds to See the New Signs
Dick's Drive-In signs go up in Edmonds
Dick's Drive-In in Edmonds to open early
It's a sign! Dick's will be opening ‘much earlier than planned
Dick's is hiring for new restaurant
Edmonds Dick's Drive In - Now Hiring!
New Edmonds Dick's Drive In could open by the end of the year
New Dick's to open before Thanksgiving
Groundbreaking in Edmonds for new Dick's Drive-In
Dick's Drive In broke ground today - big day in Edmonds!
Dicks Drive-In starts work on new restaurant
Dick's Drive-in breaks ground in Edmonds
Dick's Drive-In Breaks Ground in Edmonds...and Where to Get Your Burger Fix NOW
A Deluxe Groundbreaking in Edmonds for Dick's Drive-In
Mayor Cooper Welcomes Dick's Drive In to Edmonds
Groundbreaking in Edmonds for new Dick's Drive-In
Excitement in Edmonds: Dick's Drive-In will start building this week
New Dick's Drive-In location starts construction Thursday
Groundbreaking for a new Dick's in Edmonds
Want to break ground with Dick Spady at the new Edmonds Dick's location?
Dick's reveals Facebook winners who will help break ground in Edmonds

Photo Credit: Josh Trujillo