Where/When to apply:
Dick's Drive-In locations
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm, Mon.-Thurs.
Each Dick's restaurant hires independently, so feel free to apply at each restaurant.
Best Benefits in Seattle
Dick's is a family-owned company. We treat our employees like family. Dick's employees are paid more and receive better benefits than employees of any other fast food restaurant in the Seattle area.
For more information call 206-634-0300
Health and Dental Benefits
Dick's offers 100% employer-paid health insurance and employer-subsidized dental insurance to every employee who works at least 24 hours per week (which amounts to over 75% of our employees.)
Educational Scholarships
College, vocational/self-improvement scholarships up to $25,000 over 4 years to employees working 20 hours per week for at least six months and continuing to work at least 20 hours per week while attending school. For more information about how to qualify and apply click here Dick's Scholarship Program.
Childcare Assistance
As an extension of our Scholarship Program, childcare assistance of between $3,500-$9,000 per year is available to employees working 20 hours per week for at least six months -- and continuing to work at least 20 hours per week while receiving childcare assistance. If an employee doesn't use any or all of their available scholarship funds for tuition, they can use it for childcare.
Paid Community Service
We feel it is important for our employees to get involved in our community. Our community service benefit encourages employees to help local charities. Dick's will pay volunteer-employee's their regular hourly wage for up to 4 hours per month of volunteer time.
Higher Wages
We pay a base wage of $11.00 per hour to start at our Edmonds location and an additional $2.00 per hour stipend for all hours worked at all of the Seattle locations, to comply with the Seattle City Ordinance. Merit raises can increase your hourly wage by $.25 per hour within three months.  Shift Managers earn up to $5.00 per hour over-and-above their base wage. Store Managers earn considerably more.
Dick's is Committed to Our Employees
As far as we know, no other fast food restaurant in the Seattle area even comes close to Dick's in its commitment to employees. Dick's employees earn this recognition by working harder to give every Dick's customer the fastest service around, without ever compromising Dick's historic commitment to quality and the highest levels of health and sanitation. Dick's employees are probably the most loyal in the industry. Almost one-third of all Dick's employees have worked for the company for 2 years or more. Although Dick's commitment to its employees, like Dick's commitment to quality food, costs more in the short-run, it has been an excellent long-run strategy by giving both customers and employees extra value.